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The dream gallery

Your wedding photos are one of the few things you'll have left once your wedding day has passed. It is for that very reason that I find it so important to invest in a photographer. When investing in a photographer I encourage you to take several things into consideration.

Things to consider before investing

1. Communication

Loving the work of a photographer you're interested in working with is an obvious must. One BIG thing, that is often overlooked, is personality. Does the wedding photographer have a personality that you want surrounding you on your wedding day? Does the wedding photographer make you feel at ease and are you confident they will have YOUR best interest in mind? Do you have confidence that they will effectively, tactfully, and considerately communicate your needs to other vendors/guests? 

2. What are you looking for

Do you swoon over perfect and elegant portraits, do you have your heart set on raw, candid, storytelling moments, OR maybe a bit of both? Making sure the photographer you're interested in working with is able to capture your vision is key in receiving the wedding gallery of your dreams. It is a great idea to talk to the photographer(s) you are interested in (before booking) about what their style and approach to a wedding day is. There is a photographer out there for everyone and photographers are not a "one size fits all". 


3. True representation

It is important to know and understand that the images you see posted on social media by photographers are their BEST work. We don't post the moments that aren't as "Pinterest worthy". It is a good idea to ask to see a full wedding gallery. When looking at that gallery there are several things you can look for. 


- Does the editing style stay consistent? Lighting can make it difficult for photographers to have all photos edited the same way, but experienced photographers will have a cohesive gallery. 

- Are the images in focus? The last thing you want is for very important moments to be blurry and out of focus (unless intentionally out of focus/blurry, like the photo below). 

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